Hiring a land surveyor is sometimes a requirement, and sometimes just a good idea. If you are purchasing real estate, especially vacant land, having a land survey completed is the best way to be sure you are making a good investment. A surveyor can determine where exactly you can build on your land, so that you can avoid encroaching onto your neighbor’s property among other potential issues. If you’ve never used one before, you may be wondering how do you find a good land surveyor in your area?  Below are some tips and ideas:

Ask for Recommendations.

Ask people that you know, including your real estate agent or title agency who they would recommend. These professionals often need to interact with land surveyors, so they may be able to refer you to a reliable local company.

 Check Qualifications.

Because of the skill and complexity involved with land surveying, laws and regulations dictate that this practice can only be done by licensed surveyors. Therefore, you should make sure you are using a licensed land surveyor.  All firms and individuals conducting land survey work in Wyoming must be registered with the state board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors, and licenses can be searched and verified at the state website: https://online.wypepls.org/#/verifylicense

 Ask About Project Experience.

Give your surveyor a call and ask if they have worked on a project similar to yours. Ask about the expected cost and timeline for your project. In order to get a detailed cost estimate, you should be prepared to provide details such as location, size of the land, and the type of survey that you will need.

Consider the Value.

Most people will be mostly concerned about cost, which is understandable. However, it is important to choose a surveyor that provides experience, reputation, and reliable service.  Keep in mind that the cost of a land survey may be only a fraction of your entire real estate transaction, so you shouldn’t skimp on cost. In fact, getting a proper survey done may save you money, time, and headaches in the long run.

Our Qualifications.

Make sure you find a reputable land surveyor whose skill and judgment you can trust.  Land Surveying Incorporated has been in business since 1991 and has built our reputation by providing professional, accurate, and reliable services across northeastern Wyoming and beyond.  Our staff includes three licensed Professional Land Surveyors, along with fully trained survey crews who will complete your project accurately and efficiently.

 Jessica Maycock, GIS Technician. As a GIS technician with Land Surveying Incorporated since 2017, Jessica is responsible for preparing a variety of map deliverables and managing office-wide data through ArcGIS and AutoCAD software. She processes raw survey data and loads it into client-designed geodatabases to meet company data standards. Jessica holds a Master’s Degree in Biology (2006) and has 12 years of previous experience as a wildlife biologist and office manager providing biological consulting services to energy clients in Wyoming.