Drone Services​

LSI continues to innovate and lead the surveying industry by offering drone (UAS) services. We have five qualified UAS Remote Pilots on staff, and five different drone platforms. Each platform has a specific purpose and can be used as a tool to collect data in a safe, efficient, and reliable manner. Drones allow us to cover a large area and collect high volumes of data in a short time.

Why Our Drones?

Drones not only complement our existing land survey instruments, but they have also allowed us to expand our list of services that we can provide our clients and our community.

We pair our drones with the latest in survey equipment to provide you with imagery up to 1-cm per pixel resolution and survey-grade surface modeling with elevations accurate to +/- 6 inches.



Utilizing drones we are able to complete your project quickly, safely, and in some cases more accurately than with ground-based surveying alone. Aerial surveys allow our surveyors to see the whole picture and deliver a better end product for our clients.

Land Management and Planning​

Our drone platforms allow us to take your land management surveying to the next level. We can survey the entire area and deliver results that other methods can not.


Aerial surveys allow contractors to generate virtual environments as well as the ability to Geotag images and develop extremely accurate site maps.

Mining, Oil, and Gas

Our drones have many applications in the mineral and energy industries, including infrastructure inspections, surveying and mapping, geotagging, volumetrics, as-built, and emergency response.


High-resolution maps, surface models, and detailed recorded flyovers for review by archaeologists off-site can all be delivered using our drone platforms.


Drones allow us to record videos and aerial photographs to promote your business or event.

Drones (UAS)

Drones, also referred to as unmanned aerial systems (UAS), are equipped with GPS technology and a high-resolution camera. With this system, we’re able to offer a new approach to the following:

  • Environmental surveys (including vegetation mapping and reclamation surveys)
  • 3D modeling of features
  • High-Resolution imagery (aerial photos)
  • Topographic surveys and contour maps
  • Recorded videos
  • Marketing
  • Construction Services (including progress reports, open ditch pipeline status updates and roads and highway services)
  • Site facility/site security diagrams
  • Topographic surveys (including volumetric analysis)

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